Thursday, July 28, 2005

Generalized AJAX Response Handling for XML Content

Generalized AJAX Response Handling for XML Content: "Generalized AJAX Response Handling for XML Content
Making multiple simultaneous asynchronous requests in AJAX applications using the XmlHttpRequest object can be difficult, but this generalized XML response-handling code will help.

by Matt Warden July 18, 2005

AJAX is catching on, but handling multiple XML responses on the client side is difficult. Current methods of easing the hassle ignore important programming principles that are known to help avoid maintenance headaches down the road. This article presents an elegant method of handling any number of XML responses in an AJAX application, while adhering to the principles of abstraction and encapsulation.

The ability to asynchronously transfer XML documents between the client and server without refreshing the entire page opens up an entire field of possibilities for browser-based Web applications."

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