Friday, March 11, 2005

alphaWorks : IBM Web Tools for Eclipse

alphaWorks : IBM Web Tools for Eclipse: "Update: February 24, 2005
New version contains updated installation instructions for third-party libraries.
What are IBM Web Tools for Eclipse?
This technology is the initial IBM contribution to the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) Project. It consists of a subset of the plug-ins in Rational Application Developer 6.0. These plug-ins support J2EE Web application development and include the following tools: source editors for HTML, Javascript, CSS, SQL, XML, DTD, XSD, and WSDL; graphical editors for XSD and WSDL; J2EE project natures, builders, and models; a J2EE navigator; a Web service wizard and explorer; WS-I Test Tools; database access; and query tools and models."

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