Friday, March 25, 2005 Java Component Development: A Conceptual Framework Java Component Development: A Conceptual Framework: "Java Component Development: A Conceptual Framework
by Palash Ghosh

Let's introduce a few business scenarios that need attention while architecting and designing a solution to accommodate continuous changes in business:

* A company wants to move its document repository from Documentum to FileNet.
* A company wants to change its security provider.
* An insurance company has to change its policy issuance process to a large extent because there is a tremendous change in economic situation.

One thing is clear: requirements change very fast as business and technology change. But with every change, big or small, do we need to throw away the complete system and start over? Not necessarily--a little thought, a good strategy, and best practices during architecting and designing a new solution could adapt the existing architecture to those changes without much hassle."

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