Saturday, September 24, 2005

ClearNova: RAD for AJAX, J2EE, and Open Source

ClearNova: RAD for AJAX, J2EE, and Open Source: "ThinkCAP JX: Rich Internet Applications
RAD for AJAX, J2EE, and Open Source

As awareness of AJAX reaches a tipping point, building web applications will never be the same. RIAs represent a new way to build web applications that approaches the interactivity & responsiveness of 90s client/server applications but using three-tier web technologies. Historically, web applications were page oriented which mean they were easy to deploy but lacked interactivity and richness of user experience. If developers wanted to provide a rich GUI to users it meant using applets, plug-ins or a downloaded client/server framework. However, with the advent of 'AJAX' techniques, building and deploying RIAs now requires no executables or custom-downloads to the browser. AJAX relies strictly on Javascript and DHTML. A recent Wall Street Journal article calls AJAX, 'a big step toward the Holy Grail of having the kinds of speed and responsiveness in Web-based programs that's usually associated with desktop software.'"

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