Saturday, September 24, 2005 Handling Java Web Application Input, Part 1 Handling Java Web Application Input, Part 1: "Handling Java Web Application Input, Part 1
by Stephen Enright

The Importance Of Server Side Validation
Validation Best Practices
SQL Injection Attacks
SQL Injection Preventive Measures

Inadequate data validation is the most common cause of security exploits suffered by web applications today. A staggering fact is the high number of applications exploited through weak validation. This is due to the simplicity of such an attack. No longer do attackers have to spend vast amounts of time researching ways to circumvent the security infrastructure of an application. An attacker can use freely available tools to scan for vulnerable websites. Using these findings, an attacker can use a web browser to ghost straight through firewall rule sets on port 80, altering the intended behavior of an application. This is true never more so than today. There are a multitude of technologies and frameworks available. Engineers are under increasing pressure to complete work on time, and hence place a heavy reliance on such tools. However, such technology may not adequately deal with user input to meet all cases, and as a result may introduce unintentional security vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that secure coding practices are in place to close any possible doorway that permits such nefarious attacks to take place."

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