Monday, October 03, 2005

Creating Voice Applications with Reusable Dialog Components

Creating Voice Applications with Reusable Dialog Components: "Creating Voice Applications with Reusable Dialog Components
Find out how J2EE, JSP, and Struts developers can use the Reusable Dialog Component (RDC) Open Source project along with VoiceXML to develop rich voice applications using standard Web progamming models.

by Aimee Silva September 30, 2005
ne obstacle that's impeded the development of voice applications is the availability of a dedicated, standard or well-known development architecture. To create robust voice applications, voice developers have had to be familiar with many languages, techniques, architectures, and processes. Compounding this problem, voice applications are often built using proprietary markup languages. The emergence of the standard for VoiceXML 2.1 (and soon to come 3.0) eliminates some of this complexity, allowing voice developers to better focus their skills. VoiceXML allows you to adopt Web programming models for your voice applications, and implement them using a server-side framework—like Struts—in the same way you'd implement a Web applications. Using this kind of framework, you can make the transition from Web application to voice application much more easily."

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