Sunday, February 12, 2006 -- Advanced SiteMesh -- Advanced SiteMesh: "Advanced SiteMesh Advanced SiteMesh
by Sunil Patil

Suppose you're creating an enterprise-level web site and you have to use more than one technology for building it. For example, you want to add some new content to your web site using J2EE, but parts of your system have already been created using CGI or Microsoft IIS server.

In this case, how do you make sure that you have a consistent look and feel across your site? One option would be to rewrite everything in J2EE and then use a framework such as Struts-Tiles, but this option is not feasible because of the development costs associated with this approach. A second option could be to implement the same look and feel in every web application that is part of your system. This approach becomes a nightmare for anyone maintaining the web site, since any time there is look and feel change in one application, you'll have to make similar changes to the other web applications in the system."

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