Sunday, February 12, 2006 -- Unit Test Your Struts Application -- Unit Test Your Struts Application: "Unit Test Your Struts Application
by Lu Jian

Unit testing is an important part of a good development process. Although there are many unit testing frameworks and technologies, such as JUnit, Cactus, EasyMock, HttpUnit, and so on, developers often find that it is difficult to unit test their Struts applications.

This article introduces StrutsUT, a simple extension to the Cactus framework, to help solve this problem. It provides two solutions to unit test Struts applications: a 'traditional' solution and one based on AspectJ. Developers can choose either for their convenience.

This article explains the initial idea of Cactus from a developer's point of view and extends this idea further into the Struts domain, which is the core of StrutsUT. The reader should have some knowledge of and experience in Struts framework, JUnit, Cactus, and/or AspectJ."

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