Friday, May 12, 2006

Spring: Data Access using O/R Mappers

Chapter 12.
Data Access using O/R Mappers

12.1. Introduction

Spring provides integration with Hibernate, JDO, Oracle TopLink, Apache OJB and iBATIS SQL Maps: in terms of resource management, DAO implementation support, and transaction strategies. For example for Hibernate, there is first-class support with lots of IoC convenience features, addressing many typical Hibernate integration issues. All of these support packages for O/R mappers comply with Spring's generic transaction and DAO exception hierarchies. There are usually two integration styles: either using Spring's DAO 'templates' or coding DAOs against plain Hibernate/JDO/TopLink/etc APIs. In both cases, DAOs can be configured through Dependency Injection and participate in Spring's resource and transaction management.

Chapter Access using O/R Mappers

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