Friday, May 12, 2006 Java Symposium-Europe - Barcelona, Spain - June 21-23, 2006

  • Building a Reliable Open Source ESB with Mule
  • Creating Grid-Based Data Infrastructures for the Enterprise
  • Developing in a Service-oriented World
  • How JBoss jBPM Integrates into your Java Project
  • Introduction to Seam
  • Messaging: A Flexible, Powerful, and Extensible Communication Model
  • Service Oriented Architecture Meets Web 2.0
  • Using Java Business Integration to Enable Composite Applications with ServiceMix
Case Study:
  • Banking/Grid: Case Study
  • Advanced AJAX Applications with DWR
  • Next Generation Mobile Java “On The Edge”
  • AOP - Ready For Prime Time: Applications For AOP Techniques in Real World Enterprise Applications
  • Building Reliable and High Performance Messaging Applications with POJOs and Apache ActiveMQ
  • Component Based Web Application Development with Wicket
  • Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP)
  • Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0
  • Flow with Continuations
  • Java Specialists in Action
  • JBossCache
  • JGroups: Building a Replicated Hashtable in 20 Minutes
  • Performance Anti-Patterns
  • Productive Coder
  • Ruby
  • Software Visualization and Model Generation
  • Compass
  • Dive into RIFE
  • Java Persistence
  • Spring Update: What's New and Cool in Spring 2.0
  • The Inner Workings of a "Clustered" JVM
  • Reconstructing XP: From Fragile to Agile
  • Turbocharging Development with MDA, Patterns, and MetaTooling
Testing QA:
  • Advanced Testing Techniques with TestNG
  • Beyond Java: Technologies to Watch
Web Services:
  • Secure and Reliable Web Services
  • Web Services Security using Java
  • Embedding Workflow, BPM and Orchestration in Java
Birds of a Feather Sessions (BOFs):
  • "Bottom 10" Reasons Agile Teams Fail
  • The End of Tier-Based Architecture Java Symposium-Europe - Barcelona, Spain - June 21-23, 2006

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