Monday, August 15, 2005 Extensible Code Generation with Java, Part 1 Extensible Code Generation with Java, Part 1: "Extensible Code Generation with Java, Part 1
by Jack Herrington

Code generation is a key new trend in engineering, one that you need to understand well. The reason is simple: today's modern frameworks are extremely code-intensive. Using a code generator to build the code for you can save you a lot of time, both in writing the code and fixing the inevitable bugs that spring from swathes of hand-written code.

There are a number of code generation options for Java development. These range from canned solutions that generate whole applications (e.g. Compuware's OptimalJ), to open source generators (e.g. XDoclet), to custom-built solutions. This article focuses on using XSLT to build custom generators. More information about XSLT is presented below."

Old article but plenty of content

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