Saturday, August 13, 2005

Make Data Islands Work in All Browsers

Make Data Islands Work in All Browsers: "Make Data Islands Work in All Browsers
XML Data Islands and XML Data Sources aren't a new idea—and they are no longer exclusive to Internet Explorer, either. Here's how to use data islands generically, without getting locked in to any one vendor's implementation, and make your data-centric Web pages work across all modern browsers.

by Nigel McFarlane August 11, 2005

Robust support for Web standards is now the norm rather than the exception. If you develop applications for a purely Microsoft-centric environment then you probably haven't had to care much about standards, but everywhere else, attendance to and mastery of modern standards (CSS, JavaScript, and MIME types) has become a minimum requirement for any professional Web engineer. Clients increasingly realize the importance of standards, and are increasingly less willing to accept applications that don't adhere to standards. Amidst this new rigor, however, are many non-standard features of Web browsers that continue to be very useful. XML data islands (embedding XML content inside HTML content) are just one example. In this article you'll see how to lift your skills up to standard without losing that useful feature."

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