Monday, August 15, 2005

Manage the agile team with XPlanner

Manage the agile team with XPlanner: "Manage the agile team with XPlanner
How can XPlanner assist your agile team to achieve peak performance?

So you've heard good things about agile development. You're convinced that the short delivery cycles, test-driven development, continuous integration, and intimate user involvement are the keys to delivering real (and timely) value from your software project. But the team management tools you've previously relied upon don't quite fit with this new approach. What kind of tool can support you in gathering user stories from your customers and in juggling these stories between development iterations? In planning development tasks around these stories? Or publishing real-time statistics from your current iteration to help you better estimate the next one? XPlanner is an open source team management tool specifically designed for just this role. In this article, David Elliot and Justin Smith discuss their experience with deploying and running XPlanner to manage an agile project team. (2,500 words; August 15, 2005)

By David Elliot and Justin Smith"

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