Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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TrustedReviews - The UK's Premier Source for IT Reviews & News: "reative Launches Next Generation Sound Card

Date 08 Aug 2005
Author Lars-Göran Nilsson

X-Fi Launch
Last week Creative gathered the European press in Leipzig, Germany to show off its new X-Fi processor and the new soundcards based on it. You might think that a new sound card processor is no big deal and that only minor improvements could be made. Well, to be honest I wasn’t expecting to be to be as impressed as I was by the presentation, which demonstrated that Creative has definitely taken PC sound to a new level. X-Fi is short for Xtreme Fidelity, which may not be the most cunning marketing name ever, but is intended to highlight the fact that the X-Fi is one step beyond Hi-Fi (High-Fidelity).

The X-Fi processor is made up of more than 51 million transistors and has a computational power of over 10,000 MIPS –equivalent to having a 3.4GHz processor in your PC dedicated to audio."

Not really of interest to me but as I'm posting about hardware of late thought I'd include it. Normal blogging will resume presently....

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