Friday, January 13, 2006

Magic with Merlin: Exceptions and logging

Magic with Merlin: Exceptions and logging: "Magic with Merlin: Exceptions and logging

Root out your problems and respond appropriately with these useful changes to the J2SE

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Level: Introductory

John Zukowski (, President, JZ Ventures, Inc.

01 Dec 2001

The Merlin release adds several exception-handling-related features for understanding the root cause of a problem and responding appropriately. You can now examine a stack trace without having to manually parse the stack dump, and you can daisy chain exceptions, which allows you to attach the cause of an exception when you rethrow it, greatly enhancing debugging. Also, there is now a built-in logging facility to log different levels of messages. In this installment of Magic with Merlin, John Zukowski demonstrates how these new logging and exception features work and provides an example program for review and download."

Old stuff - but worthy of a revisit.

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