Friday, March 24, 2006

Using Flex as a Cross-Browser Solution

Using Flex as a Cross-Browser Solution: "Using Flex as a Cross-Browser Solution
The wide variety of available Web browsers is great for the end-user, but often not so great for developers. See how Flex, Flash, ActionScript, and Ajax work together to create a terrific cross-browser solution.

by Shari Nakano,
Steve Samson
March 17, 2006

The last time we checked with Google, there were 34 different Web browsers to choose from. Admittedly, many were highly specialized or out of date, but even after excluding those, we still had an extensive list that included Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Konqueror, IceBrowser, Camino, and more. From an end-user standpoint, it's great that there are so many different browsers available. From a developer standpoint, however, a lot of different browsers means a lot of extra time spent learning how to write code for each browser, plus a lot of extra time testing and debugging your code in each browser. And the last thing developers have a lot of is extra time."

XML support in Flash has been around for years - it is mature and works well.

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