Sunday, May 01, 2005

Go Fast It Runs Too Slow @ JDJ

Go Fast It Runs Too Slow @ JDJ: "Go Fast It Runs Too Slow
'Speed Is as Speed Does'

By: Joe Winchester
Published March 9, 2005

Go fast, it runs too slow, you've got to make the number show. Diddle de bop, da la de doop, sitting around and feeling groovy.

Speed Is as Speed Does
Many moons ago I was working on a project that had to be sped up and we had the benefit of a very experienced consultant to help us out. Fresh from his business-class flight and clutching his pay-as-you-go expense account lunch, our management team eagerly led him over to where our assembled developers waited in awe (and with a certain amount of natural coder-sapiens resistance to the hired gun who'd come to town to sheriff us)."

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