Saturday, May 21, 2005

Letting Java in on SQL Server Notifications

Letting Java in on SQL Server Notifications: "Letting Java in on SQL Server Notifications
SQL Server's Notification Services let you instruct the database to let your applications or your users know when data changes or reaches critical thresholds. Furthermore, standard notification delivery methods ensure that notifications aren't limited to .NET or Windows clients.

by Laurence Moroney May 19, 2005

Starting with SQL Server 2000, Microsoft added the concept of notification services to their flagship database engine. SQL Server Notification Services lets you generate and send notifications whenever some criterion is met. Generally, you use notifications to alert or update data for users or applications without having to repeatedly poll the database to discover whether data has changed or to display the latest data. For example, if you follow fantasy sports, it would be nice to have a notification service that informs you when your star player is injured. Alternatively, if you prefer the stock market, you may want to be notified when a stock you own reaches a particular price on the upward or downward curve!

With SQL Server 2005, you can generate notifications and have the SQL Server distributor send those notifications in any of several ways"

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