Thursday, May 19, 2005 Wire Hibernate Transactions in Spring Wire Hibernate Transactions in Spring: "Wire Hibernate Transactions in Spring
by Binildas Christudas

This article is intended to show how Spring can be used to assemble components, including their transaction contexts. Connecting to a single data store from within a J2EE application is not a big hurdle. But when it comes to assembly and integration of enterprise-class components, the scenario gets complicated. A single component would be backed up by a single data store or a number of data stores. So, when we speak of assembling two or more components, we are expected to maintain the atomicity of operations done in many data stores, across components. A J2EE server provides a container for these components so that the container is able to take care of transactional atomicity and isolation across components, too. When we are not using a J2EE server, Spring helps us. Spring is based on Inversion of Control (also called Dependency Injection) for wiring not only the component services together, but also their associated transaction contexts. For the purpose of this article, we are using Hibernate as an object/relational persistence and query service."

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