Saturday, May 14, 2005 Five Things I Love About Spring Five Things I Love About Spring: "Five Things I Love About Spring
by Bruce A. Tate, coauthor of Spring: A Developer's Notebook

On a sweltering June morning more than 15 years ago, I climbed into an old fiberglass kayak. It was so old that splinters would break off into my fingers, and the paddle was about twice as long as conventional whitewater paddles. I swam more than I boated, but it didn't matter. Fifteen years later, I am still hooked.

About two years ago, I tried out that Spring project that was prominently mentioned on the Hibernate site. It felt just like that old kayak: it fit me perfectly. For hardcore enterprise development, Spring became so deeply woven into my programming that I made it the topic of my fourth Java book, Spring: A Developer's Notebook. In this article, I'll tell you why."

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