Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dell's 4.26-GHz Monster - Yahoo! News

Dell's 4.26-GHz Monster - Yahoo! News: "Dell's 4.26-GHz Monster

Fri Jan 6, 2:18 PM ET

This is a warranted and overclocked 4.25-GHz uber-ninjatastic-wonder-PC from Dell that can impregnate your sister from across the room. I mean look at this: it's a Intel's Pentium Extreme Edition 955 chipset with a HUGE heatsink and—this is the best part—four graphics cards.

As if the extremely overclocked CPU wasn't enough to begin with, NVIDIA stepped in and outfitted the system with two dual-GPU GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB cards, for a total of four GPUs running in SLI mode with 2GB of total on-board memory.

Lordy. Add in some 10,000 RPM drives and a shiny, custom skin and you've got a machine to make doves cry. No pricing, so start saving up your blood bank money."

Oh my life.... this is gonna cost.

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