Sunday, May 01, 2005

VSJ | Articles | Getting started with Java threads

VSJ | Articles | Getting started with Java threads: "Getting started with Java threads

Learn to work with Java threads and try out JDK 1.5’s new semaphores

By Sing Li

Published: Friday, April 15, 2005

You can perform multiple tasks at the same time using the thread support in the Java programming language. Originally conceived for writing server programs that run on hardware with multiple processors, multi-threaded programming is now a standard item in every Java programmer’s toolbox. It is important to understand what threads are, how to use them, and when they should be used.

This article introduces you to the fundamentals of concurrent processing using Java threads. It includes several functional yet easy to follow hands-on examples, designed to illustrate the basic concepts and to provide a framework for further experimentation. Instead of adopting the classic approach using JDK 1.1-style synchronization primitives, this article will explore the simplicity of JDK 1.5’s new semaphore."

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