Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ajaxian » Comet: A New Approach to Ajax Applications

Ajaxian » Comet: A New Approach to Ajax Applications: "Saturday, March 4th, 2006
Comet: A New Approach to Ajax Applications

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Alex Russell has coined a term for a flavour of Ajax that’s been getting more attention of late. Comet describes applications where the server keeps pushing - or streaming - data to the client, instead of having the browser keep polling the server for fresh content."

This has possibly been one of the best kept secrets out there. Like 'normal' AJAX - this has been around for years - but has lacked momentum to push it forward.

The only disadvantage is keeping the http connections open - and the fact that the number of simultaneously open connections is limited.

This technique is perfect for the broadcasting of sports related event information - like scores. These can be puse out to the listening client as they happen - without the need for polling to the server when thee are no events. Instead the data is pushed out - much like the blackberry emailing system.

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