Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Enterprise Java Community: Building on Struts for Java 5 Users

Enterprise Java Community: Building on Struts for Java 5 Users: "April 2006

Struts is undoubtedly the most successful Java web development framework. It is the first widely adopted Model View Controller (MVC) framework, and has proven itself in thousands of projects. Struts was ground-breaking when it was introduced, but the web development landscape has changed a lot in the last few years. It is also fair to say that Struts is not universally popular, and has in many ways been overtaken by other frameworks.

Developers not satisfied with Struts have tended to embrace other frameworks, or even create their own. This is even the case within the Struts community. The two major initiatives - the integration with WebWork and the JSF-based Shale - are producing frameworks quite different from the Struts to which most users are accustomed.

A less well known fact is that the increasing adoption of Java 5 has brought in a third way forward for Struts. In this article I introduce Strecks, a set of Java 5 based extensions which offer a greatly streamlined programming model for Struts applications, without introducing any new compatibility issues. If you're confused about the name, think of it as a shortened, misspelled version of 'Struts Extensions for Java 5'.

Strecks is built on the existing Struts 1.2 code base, adding a range of productivity enhancing features"

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