Thursday, April 27, 2006

Technology Review: Emerging Technologies and their Impact

Technology Review: Emerging Technologies and their Impact: "Thursday, April 27, 2006
Sun Microsystems' New Star Needs to Shine

CEO Jonathan Schwartz must give the long-faltering company a clear focus -- and an identity.

By Wade Roush

What does Sun Microsystems want to be when it grows up? That's the question the company's board of directors is probably asking newly appointed CEO Jonathan Schwartz, who this week replaced cofounder Scott McNealy. The former CEO's mantra of 'the network is the computer' fit nicely into the pages of business magazines -- but never quite gave an identity to the company.

While most tech-savvy businesspeople and consumers have heard of the Santa Clara, CA-based firm, few could say what it actually does. Schwartz -- who's held seven positions within Sun since joining the company in 1996, most recently as president and chief operating office -- hopes to rectify that."

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