Wednesday, April 19, 2006 RAD That Ain't Bad: Domain-Driven Development with Trails RAD That Ain't Bad: Domain-Driven Development with Trails: "As a Java developer my first reaction to Rails was sheer, unabashed envy. Developing a web application in Java, even with best-of-breed technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, and Tapestry, is still much more difficult than cranking out a Rails application. My next reaction was to think about how we can bring some of the brilliant ideas of Rails to Java. I'm here to say with certainty that we can, and I've spent the last several months working to make it possible for any Java developer to do it.

The fruit of this effort is a framework named, unoriginally enough, Trails. Despite the name, Trails is in no way a port of Rails. Rather, it is a framework designed to bring a similarly radical productivity increase to J2EE web application development."

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