Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mentawai Web Framework - Mentawai Overview

Mentawai Web Framework - Mentawai Overview: "Mentawai's programmatic approach to configuration, gives you total freedom, flexibility and power inside your configuration files. You can refactor, create new methods, static variables, loops, use inheritance to extends ApplicationManager, etc. From that freedom, two configuration styles have emerged from Mentawai, and are now fully supported in version 1.2."

This framework has some interesting ideas - such as programmatic configuration instead of using XML files, because although it can be beneficial to be able to quickly change a property file or xml file, often a full deploy is used to ensure that live application is in a known state, so as long as your build scripts compile all your code, you can gain the benefits of using purely Java in your IDE, and maybe someday I will learn to use a full stop

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