Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ajax using XMLHttpRequest and Struts

Ajax using XMLHttpRequest and Struts: "Ajax using XMLHttpRequest and Struts

Frank W. Zammetti

About five years ago I worked on a web app project where one of the primary requirements was that it should look, work and feel like a Windows-based fat client. Now, ignoring the question of why it was not in fact done as a Windows-based fat client in the first place, that can be a rather tough requirement in the world of web development, certainly it was five years ago when not very many examples of such a thing existed.

As a result of a number of proof-of-concepts, I stumbled upon some techniques for doing things that were at the time rather atypical approaches to web development. The end result was an application that, to this day, many people cannot even tell is web-based, aside from the fact that you access it with a browser!

Little did I know that only a few years later the basic concepts behind what I had done would re-emerge in the world as something called Ajax. Ajax is a term coined by the folks at Adaptive Path and is shorthand for Asynchronous Javascript + XML. "

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