Monday, April 18, 2005

alphaWorks : Documentation Enhancer for Java : Overview

alphaWorks : Documentation Enhancer for Java : Overview: "
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Documentation Enhancer for Java

A tool that enhances Javadoc documentation files with semantic information gathered by analyzing the corresponding class files.

Date Posted: October 7, 2002

Update: February 2, 2005
New version enables extension of the framework to include user-specific information into Javadoc files by defining new Analyzers and Transformers; also includes support for JDK 1.4.x and minor bug fixes.

What is Documentation Enhancer for JavaTM?

Documentation Enhancer for JavaTM is a framework that enhances Javadoc files by enriching them with new information. The information is gathered by statically analyzing the corresponding Java class files. This technology is designed as a configurable framework, which allows the developer to change the way the new Javadocs are generated, add new kinds of information, and more. The framework already contains enhancements in the following three aspects: semantic information, sorting, and navigability."

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