Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stefano's Linotype ~ On the new HTML tag

Stefano's Linotype ~ On the new HTML tag: "On the new HTML tag
April 28, 2005 ~ 12:14

Mozilla turned on the new HTML tag, so I expect Firefox 1.1 to have it.

is a was first introduced by Apple in Safari for their implementation of the upcoming 'DashBoard' in MacOX 10.4 (aka Tiger) and now it's part of new, non-W3C effort to improve HTML for richer client-side web applications. It introduces the notion of an 'image you can paint on' programmatically. People have been doing this with applets, then shockwave, then flash, then svg, now this. The trend is clear: smaller, leaner, faster to startup, more integrated in your environment (means real event interoperation with the page!), easier for DHTML designers to understand.

This leads me to think that is going to be huge. By the time the new Adobe+Macromedia colossus decide the faith of flash+SVG, this little HTML tag will slowly make both suboptimal for many simple tasks they are used for today."

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