Saturday, April 23, 2005

Use continuations to develop complex Web applications

Use continuations to develop complex Web applications: "A programming paradigm to simplify MVC for the Web

Level: Intermediate

Abhijit Belapurkar (
Senior Technical Architect, Infosys Technologies Limited
21 Dec 2004

If you've ever developed a non-trivial Web application, you know that development complexity is increased by the fact that Web browsers allow users to follow arbitrary navigation paths through the application. No matter where the user navigates, the onus is on you, the developer, to keep track of the possible interactions and ensure that your application works correctly. While the traditional MVC approach does allow you to handle these cases, there are other options available to help resolve application complexity. Developer and frequent developerWorks contributor Abhijit Belapurkar walks you through a continuations-based alternative that could simplify your Web application development efforts."

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