Monday, April 18, 2005

alphaWorks : Peer-to-Group Media Broadcast : Overview

alphaWorks : Peer-to-Group Media Broadcast : Overview: "Peer-to-Group Media Broadcast

Peer-to-group grid delivery for streaming video and audio to thousands of receiver PCs.

Date Posted: January 27, 2005

What is Peer-to-Group Media Broadcast?

Peer-to-Group Media Broadcast provides an application-layer virtual tunnel for delivering continuous data to thousands of receivers at the same time. For example, by combining it with a live streaming system, thousands of employees can watch a company's executive speech on their desktop PC screens in almost real time, even when they are in remote branch offices.

This technology does not require any special network infrastructure such as multicast-enabled routers, but it is a complete end-point solution, as well as a server and client model, which realizes low-cost installation and maintenance and easy deployment. In addition, network traffic is well-distributed and semi-optimized over the receiver nodes, which also work as relaying points."

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