Saturday, April 09, 2005

[OCWORKBENCH.COM] ASrock 775Dual-915GL Mainboard Gallery 1/4

[OCWORKBENCH.COM] ASrock 775Dual-915GL Mainboard Gallery 1/4: "ASrock 775Dual-915GL Mainboard Intro 1/4
Bluetooth 5 Apr 2005


A few weeks ago, we reviewed the P4Dual-915GL. Today, we take a look at another board 775Dual-915GL which is also based on the same chipset 915GL and offers 5 output ports.

As you probably already know, Intel 915GL chipset does not support external AGP nor PCI-E interface. So, how is it possible for ASrock to make a board that supports 2 external graphics interfaces AGP and PCI-E using a conventional 915GL chipset. This is what I call innovation! ASrock calls them AGI Express and AGI8X interface.

From my understanding, ASrock combined the PCI bus to form an AGP slot and use 4 PCI-E X1 to form a PCI-E x 4 PCI-E slot. One question came to my mind is that, would it be enough for bandwidth hungry graphics cards? Well, we will take a closer look later."

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